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Design Team

By preference, the high end interior designers at Los Angeles-based AE+A, believe in a style of collaboration whereby highly skilled individuals from a range of different disciplines openly share their expertise to provide stunning and unique design concepts for clients. Internationally trained with remarkable proficiency in interior architecture and design, custom furniture design, and landscape and lighting design, the team of Los Angeles interior designers at AE+A, has established an esprit de corps that inculcates a culture of excellence in all aspects of the project, whether it be through conceptualization, management, or execution.

Taken together, the key members of the staff contribute more than 40 years of design experience to each AE+A project from the 40,000 sq. ft. ground-up construction of a celebrity dream home to the remodeling of a classic Golden Age Hollywood home. Renown for the unparalleled quality of their deliverables and now, with the addition of international projects, bringing to bear the very latest in technological design innovations, AE+A has carefully cultivated people who can navigate the modernization of architectural design without compromising the intensely personal client relations that are necessary to provide stunning and unique homes for the clients.